26 septembre 2018


The spirit of the festivity : a documentary about the koguis indians



Our goal is to complete the post-production and distribution of « The Spirit of the Festivity », a 30-minute medium-length documentary film about the summer festival that the Kogui Indians have been celebrating since time immemorial in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. This celebration not only has a festive role, but its princible aims are to restore the imbalances caused by man in nature and also to give thanks to it. The Kogui Indians are perhaps one of the oldest communities to have best preserved their ancient culture and customs, unfortunately today, their way of life is under threat. There is a treasure of wisdom and knowledge still alive and well today in this land of incredible biodiversity and our documentary project, which has been self-produced by two associations (Seineken and La Semilla), brings the message directly from El Mama, the Koguis spiritual leader Juan Conchacala and his community. The documentary is in the native Kogui language and subtitled in French, Spanish and English.



The project was born 4 years ago from conversations between Jimmy (member of La Semilla who has 24 years experience working with the community) and the Mama Juan Conchacala the spiritual leader of the town of Yinkuamero. The Koguis are highly respected by the indigenous people of the Americas; they have conserved the ancient knowledge and wisdom in such fields as astronomy, cultivation, plants and animals, traditional medicine, weaving, spirituality, etc. However, their culture is threatened by the new generations losing interest in aspects related to their culture, customs and collective memory, also the subsquence effects of increasing contact with the rapid rate of technological advancements and social media.

El Mama Conchacala has been one of the last Mamas to receive a full formation for over 20 years in the sacred town of Makotama. The wishes of both Conchacala and the other Mamas is to conserve and strengthen the culture and tradition of the community, and furthermore spread the message of finding harmony with the Earth. Thanks to these conversations the idea of ​​the documentary was created and as El Mamas proclaims in the video: « I like recording! ».


Almost the entire production has been thanks to the generous support of donors. Including; 33 days of filming, six trips to Yinkuamero, the writing of the script, the « Kogui-Spanish » translation and even a viewing of a cut of the documentary exclusively for the Koguis; which screened last December. Also the heartfelt and dedicated work done by the teams at Seineken and La Semilla and various helpers along the way. The money collected in this campaign will be used to finish the documentary and present it in Colombia. The distrubution of funding is as follows:


This is the beginning of a long road and the gateway for the continuity of a much larger and more comprehensive project.


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